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About weirdfruit

We specialise in developing websites for small businesses and organisations. We’re a small business ourselves and so we understand that you need a straightforward solution at the right price. We will create your site, just how you want it, for a fixed price and then maintain and update for a small monthly fee. No hidden costs or surprises.

A presence on the web and on social media sites is becoming the first point of contact for many of your customers. A good website is the first thing you need. It’s the minimum requirement.

But haven’t all your competitors got websites too? How can you stand out from the crowd. First of all we believe that our websites are better than the average so you’ll have an advantage straight away. But we can help you go beyond a web site and help you build a web presence. The way to get to the top of the pile nowadays is to have a presence on the web. Google and other search engines now prioritise “content”. We can help you set up your website so that you can easily create content and then use social media to spread the word. It’s really not as complicated as it sounds. And it works.

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What Can We Do For You?

Website Design

After discussion with you regarding what you want from your website we will design and build a custom website to your requirements. And, for a small monthly fee, we maintain and make changes as your business requires them.

Social Media

Engaging with your customers on social media and making full use of these services is important to modern business. We can advise, guide and assist you to make the most of the opportunities that social media offers.

Digital Marketing

We don’t just do websites & social media; we have extensive experience of other digital and more traditional marketing. A small business can’t always afford a marketing department, but we can offer all the same services for a fraction of the cost.

Local Search

Did you know that 59% of consumers use Google every month to locate a local business. Nowadays more and more people are harnessing the power of their smartphones to locate local businesses. Are you visible to these potential new customers?

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a great way of reaching new customers and staying in touch with existing ones. And it’s not as mysterious as it may seem. We can help you set up your content streams and assist you in producing content.

Search Engines

Some companies will try to sell you expensive solutions to achieve good search engine ranking. The secret of rankings is a well designed website with good content. All of our sites are designed and implemented with search engines in mind.

This is me

weirdfruit? What? Why?

weirdfruit web design started around 10 years ago when my web design activities spread beyond my day job. I started weirdfruit because I really enjoy creating websites for people. No, really, I do!

I’d like to tell a funny story about how the name came about. I’d like to. But I can’t. Because there isn’t one.



My software obsession began in my youth with hours typing in programs on a Sinclair ZX80. Now I manage a software development team, work on noise & vibration measurement, design websites, do a bit of marketing, blog and still write software when I can.

A few years ago after too long behind a desk and too many beers & takeaways I found myself almost 50 and heading for 18 stones. So I started walking, running & cycling and shed about 70lbs. I’m now often found jogging, walking or clad in lycra being a #bloodycyclist.

I am also slightly obsessed by my Jaguar XKR (a future classic!).

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